According to a study by USA Today and Suffolk University, the impeachment process negatively affected the opinion of 4% of respondents.

59% of Republican voters will support former US President Donald Trump if he is nominated in the next election, while 46% intend to follow Trump if he creates a new party. This is evidenced by the data published on Sunday by a joint survey of the USA Today newspaper and the University of Suffolk.

“The poll shows that support for Trump is largely unwavering even after the second impeachment process in the Senate,” the newspaper notes. 27% of respondents said they would not change their party affiliation. At the same time, half of the participants are convinced that the Republican Party should be more loyal to the former president, even at the cost of losing support from fellow party members in power. The opposite point of view is shared by only one in five respondents.

The impeachment process, caused by the statements of the former head of the White House on January 6 on the eve of the approval of the election results in the US Congress, negatively affected the opinion of 4% of respondents in relation to Trump, while 42% began to speak even better about the 45th president. About 800 participants said that they would not support the election of those Republican lawmakers who spoke in Congress for the procedure for removing Trump from power.

As CNN reported on Saturday, citing a source, Trump will speak next week at the conference of conservative circles of the Republican Party of the United States in Orlando (Florida). According to the TV channel, Trump’s first speech after the end of his term as president of the United States will be held on February 28.

The survey, conducted by telephone from February 15 to 19, involved about 1 thousand people who voted during the last campaign. The margin of error is 3%.