Sociologists attribute the growth of the president’s rating to the success of the vaccination campaign.

The number of Americans who approve of President Joe Biden has been growing since he took office. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos commissioned by Reuters, 59% of respondents approve of the president’s activities. This is four percentage points higher than at the end of January.

According to sociologists, the increase in approval is associated with the Biden administration’s measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. Respondents are also satisfied with its economic policy.

In particular, 65% of respondents said they approved of Biden’s response to the pandemic, and 52% were satisfied with the measures to combat unemployment.

The rating increase followed the adoption of a $ 1.9 trillion “support” package of economic assistance, as well as the deployment of a vaccination campaign in the United States.

In particular, Biden promised to vaccinate 100 million Americans in the first hundred days of the presidency. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 118 million doses of vaccines have been distributed in the United States since vaccination began.

At the same time, Americans are critical of the Biden administration’s response to the influx of migrants from Mexico. About 41% of respondents said they approve of Biden’s immigration policy – 45% are dissatisfied with it.

Biden’s rating, approaching 60%, exceeds the maximum approval rating of Donald Trump in the history of the presidency. According to polls conducted earlier by order of “Reuters,” the maximum rating of Trump was 48%.