The office of General Affairs of the US administration previously informed the Democrat of its readiness to begin the procedure for transferring presidential powers to him.

The State Department will comply with the orders of the current US President, Donald Trump, regarding the procedure for transferring powers to the administration of President-elect Joseph Biden. This was stated by the head of the US foreign policy Department, Michael Pompeo, in an interview with Fox News, which aired in full.

“We will have one Secretary of State and one President at a time,” he said. Pompeo said the State Department would “fully comply” with all that the President “instructed following the decision” of the Office of General Affairs of the US administration. “This is prescribed by law, and we always fulfill such obligations,” the Secretary of state added.

The office of General Affairs of the US administration informed Biden earlier this week that it was ready to transfer presidential powers from the current President’s administration to him.

On Monday, Trump recommended that the head of the office and members of his administration “do what is necessary,” referring to the initial procedures related to the transition of powers to the next administration. Thus, the Republican, in fact, ordered to start the process of transferring power to Biden, but did not admit his defeat in the election and made it clear that he intends to continue litigation, believing in his victory.