Washington does not want us allies in Europe to be dependent on natural gas supplies from Russia due to the construction of Nord stream-2. This was stated on Tuesday the US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo at the CERAWeek conference in Houston.

“We do not want our European allies to get hooked on Russian gas because of the Nord stream-2 project”, he said. “We do not want to depend on oil supplies from Venezuela anymore”. According to him, in particular, in this regard, the US is increasing production and export of hydrocarbons.

Pompeo noted that the US intends to “help its friends to diversify” energy supplies. In this regard, the Secretary of state noted the role of private companies in increasing exports of liquefied natural gas to Poland.

According to the Secretary of state, Washington expects that Berlin will reconsider its position and will not allow the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline to be completed. This Pompeo said on Tuesday on CNBC.

He was asked a question about how the US attitude to the fact that the project “Northern stream-2” is getting closer to completion. “Everything is clear here: Germany gives its money to the Russians at a time when it is protected by others”, Pompeo said. “We urge them not to complete the gas pipeline, we urge them to diversify energy supplies”, the Secretary of state added.

The Nord stream-2 project involves the construction of two gas pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The cost of construction is estimated at € 9.5 billion, the launch of the pipeline is expected before the end of this year.