Washington’s supporters understand that the current leader of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, “is not a properly elected President,” the Secretary of state of the United States believes.

WASHINGTON – The US administration intends to take any measures to return democracy to the Venezuelan people. This statement was made on Monday at the Economic Club of Washington, US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.

He was asked to clarify whether the United States will be under some conditions to send troops to Venezuela. “President [US Donald Trump] has said quite clearly that we are doing everything that is required to guarantee the return of democracy to the Venezuelan people. And this is the task set by Trump to the US administration,” said the head of the US Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, he argued that the United States is “closer today than a few months ago” to solving this problem. “Progress is every day,” Pompeo said. According to him, like-minded US “understand that [the current Venezuelan leader Nicholas] Maduro is not the President, duly elected.”