Pompeo was accused of violating ethical standards

Pompeo said he followed all the rules.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo violated the ethics standards of a federal employee. This was stated by the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of State (OIG).

According to the OIG report, Pompeo and his wife have instructed State Department employees to run personal errands more than a hundred times. In particular, plan events that are not related to the tasks of the State Department, take care of pets, and send personal Christmas greetings. Susan Pompeo has twice asked State Department officials to arrange for her to visit a hair salon. In another case, one of Pompeo’s deputies helped the Secretary of State’s son get a discount at a hotel.

Mike Pompeo issued a statement in which he categorically rejected the allegations of ethical violations.

During his time as Secretary of State, Pompeo had a strained relationship with the OIG. Inspector General Steve Linick was fired by US President Donald Trump on Pompeo’s recommendation. Linick was investigating whether the Secretary of State used one of his subordinates to carry out personal assignments.

The OIG indicated that the fact-finding was completed by August 2020. However, the report could not be published until after the interview with Pompeo, who for a long time did not find time for this and was able to answer questions from the OIG only in December.

Pompeo left office on January 20, 2021, when the presidential term of Trump, who lost the election to Joe Biden, ended. It is generally believed that Pompeo may try to win the presidential election in 2024, although he himself did not say that there are such plans.

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