According to the pontiff, the time has come when humanity must abandon wars.

The threat of global conflict associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine should convince everyone that the time has come when humanity should abandon wars before wars destroy humanity, Pope Francis said on Sunday.

“More than a month has passed since the invasion of Ukraine…. Like any war, this (war) is a defeat for everyone and for everyone,” Pope Francis stressed, addressing thousands of parishioners gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

“We must reject war— a place of death where fathers and mothers bury their children, where men kill their brothers without even seeing them, where the strong decide and the poor die,” the pontiff said.

Pope Francis stressed that the war in Ukraine is destroying the future of this country.

The pontiff referred to statistics according to which half of the total number of children in Ukraine were forced to leave the country.

“This is the monstrous cruelty of war, barbarism and blasphemy,” he said, urging the flock not to consider war as something inevitable.

“If we come out of this war the same as we were before, then we will all be guilty of something. Faced with the danger of self-destruction, humanity must understand that the time has come to abolish war, to remove it from the history of man before it erases man from history,” Pope Francis explained.

Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24, the pontiff has repeatedly spoken about a possible nuclear conflict.

“I ask every politician involved (in the conflict) to think about it, to make commitments and, looking at the suffering Ukraine, to understand that every day of the war worsens the situation for everyone,” Pope Francis said.

“Enough! Stop! Let the weapon be silenced. Negotiate peace for real,” said the head of the Roman Catholic Church.