Pope Francis has made changes to the Italian translation of the text of the Lord’s Prayer, according to Italian media. The new edition angered many Catholic priests and users of social networks.

Theologians and Catholic priests have been working on changes to the text for over 16 years, and the new version was approved by the Vatican on May 22.
In the new version, the words “lead us not into temptation” will be replaced by “do not let us fall to temptation.”

Francis spoke about the need to change the text of the Lord’s Prayer in 2017. Then he explained it by the fact that the current translation misinterprets the meaning of divine actions.

“God does not lead you into temptation but helps you to get up immediately after the fall… This is a bad translation because it speaks of God who inclines to temptation. But the one who induces temptation is Satan, the role of Satan,” explained the Pontiff.

Francis also noted that changes have already been made to the translations of the prayer into a number of other languages, including French.

Reaction to the actions of the Pope has been very mixed. Some Catholic hierarchs supported the position of Francis, but there were also strong opponents of this interpretation.