Imagine that in the future we will be able to purchase a flying Porsche. This may be possible thanks cooperative project between Porsche and Boeing, within the framework of which research is currently being conducted aimed at the possibility of creating a premium urban flying car.

In studies conducted in 2018 by Porsche Consulting employees, a forecast was given that the urban flying vehicle market will receive a strong development impetus in 2025. After all, air travel will allow you to move the passenger stream much faster and more efficiently than conventional ground transportation. In parallel with the Porsche Consulting research, Boeing was developing an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), which recently completed its first test flight.

Now both companies, Porsche and Boeing, have attracted to their project and acquired several more smaller companies dealing with the theme of flying cars and flying taxis. Among these companies are such companies as Kitty Hawk from California, Aurora Flight Sciences from Virginia, whose specialists already have quite a wealth of experience.

Within the framework of the already signed agreement, an international group of experts has begun work aimed at understanding “the various aspects of the use of flying transport in the urban environment, including an analysis of the market potential of premium and middle-class consumer vehicles.” In addition, a search will be made for possible areas of application for air transport that go beyond the obvious.

“Porsche hopes to expand its reach as a manufacturer of sports and premium cars. In the future, this could mean conquest a third spatial dimension,” said Detlev von Platen, one of Porsche AG’s senior executives. “Now we are combining the strengths of two leading international companies in order to provide us with access to a new market segment that will appear in the very near future.”