Portraits of two former democratic presidents-bill Clinton and George W. Bush – were hung from the main foyer of the White House, and paintings with Republicans Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley were offered to replace them, CNN reports.

According to the TV channel, images of Clinton and Bush Jr. ended up in the family dining room, where they store furniture and utensils.

It is assumed that the portraits were outweighed at the request of the current US President Donald Trump. A recent book of memoirs by former Trump adviser John Bolton notes that he called Bush Jr. “stupid” and Clinton “a bad President,” and despised both.

At the same time, Trump did not personally communicate with them during their presidency. He crossed paths with Clinton and Bush Jr. at the funeral of George H. W. Bush in 2018.

In June, the current American leader accused his predecessor in the presidency, Barack Obama, of treason. According to Trump, the Obama administration listened to his conversations during the 2016 election campaign.