When Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced that they would soon become parents, many fans began to worry about the singer’s further creativity. Of course, everyone is very happy for the future parents, but will Rihanna suspend her career in the next few years? Devoted fans of the singer have been waiting for her new album since 2016.

Rihanna finally answered numerous questions from fans and journalists. She is really working on a new album now, so listeners can exhale — soon we will hear the long-awaited compositions of Rihanna. The singer clarified that pregnancy will not affect the format of her work in any way, she told Entertainment Tonight reporters about this. She also revealed some details of her situation.

According to Rihanna, she plans to break the stereotypes about pregnancy with fashion. “I try to enjoy it as much as possible. And fashion is one of my favorite things, so, you know, we’re challenging what it means to be pregnant at all,” she said.

The singer also said that her pregnancy is easy, so she is enjoying her new position more and more every day. “So far, it’s all been an exciting journey. I just take it the way I do every week. There’s always something new, and I just accept it, and I like it,” Rihanna said, adding that she doesn’t deny herself “donuts.”

But A$AP Rocky added that he is very excited and he can’t wait to meet the baby as soon as possible. “I’m just excited that I don’t know anything yet. It’s all new to me,” he said.