Recently, hip-hop artist Cardi B and her husband Chiari Sifus, better known as rapper Offset, held an extravagant Cinderella-style party in honor of their daughter Culcher’s 3rd birthday. According to the Daily Mail, there was a lot of entertainment for children at the holiday, after which the couple had fun in a nightclub, dancing in a 360-degree video booth.

The slow-motion video was posted by Cardi B on her Instagram. For the party, pregnant Cardi opted for a pink sparkly mini dress that hugged her big belly and opened up a view of her imposing bust.

In the footage, the rap singer unashamedly presses her back to her husband and rubs against him. At this moment, Offset in bright green pants throws his hands behind his head, allowing Cardi to perform all of these killer moves.

“It’s great to demonstrate how she got pregnant in front of the kids and other guests. Disgusting behavior straight out of the gutter “,” This is hardly the right way to dress or behave at a children’s party “,” I shudder at the thought of what this child saw, “commenters on the Daily Mail outraged.