Only a few weeks are left until the 29-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski becomes a mother for the first time. The star frankly talks about her chances in the figure and gladly accepts her body with all its transformations.

Yesterday, the model published pictures in which she poses completely naked. Emily admitted that soon she would miss her belly very much.

Sometimes I feel like Winnie the Pooh in human form, sometimes – the goddess of fertility with delicious buttocks. I was photographed on the day when I felt myself in the second version. Anyway, I know that very soon I will miss this belly and these thrusts, she shared.

As the model’s fans noted, she looks great – apart from the belly, in her figure, really, little has changed.

Nevertheless, it seemed to some of her followers that she had increased her lips. The star even had to explain that she did not do any injections, and slight swelling on pregnant women’s face is absolutely normal.

Emily Ratajkowski is pregnant from her husband Sebastian Bier-McClard, whom she married just a few weeks after the start of the relationship. The couple does not want to recognize the sex of the unborn child, and the gender, according to the parents, the child will eventually choose himself:

Everyone laughs at this. However, there is a truth in this that is much more complex than any genitals with which our child can be born: the truth is that we ultimately have no idea who, and not what, is growing inside my belly, she shared.