In his statement, the President emphasized the country’s unity in the face of the pandemic.

US President Donald Trump released a statement on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

“On Thanksgiving, we thank God for his many gifts. As we gather with family and friends to celebrate this celebration of generosity, hope, and gratitude, we honor America’s founding traditions of faith, family, and friendship. We are grateful for the principles of freedom, freedom, and democracy that make our country exceptional in world history,” the President said.

“This November marks 400 years since the Mayflower and its passengers first set off into the unknown and set sail across the Atlantic Ocean,” the document continues. “Driven by the hope of a bright future, these fearless men and women spent two long months at sea, suffering from hunger and fatigue, to arrive in a new world full of opportunities. Upon arrival, they were met with cold weather and lost almost half of their companions to disease and starvation. Despite unimaginable difficulties, these first Americans remained firm in their faith and unwavering commitment to their dreams. They became friends with the Wampanoag tribe, driven by a spirit of shared purpose, and believed that God would take care of them. The following year, they and their indigenous neighbors celebrated a successful harvest. This was the first Thanksgiving. This momentous event in the history of our country serves as a constant reminder of the power of faith, love, perseverance, prayer, and camaraderie.”

“The arrival of the ship Mayflower in the New World in 1620 also sowed the first sprouts of democracy in our lands,” Trump says. – In the absence of a monarch in the untouched territories, the first settlers decided to create their own government through the Mayflower agreement. The Mayflower agreement, which provides for majority rule through elected leaders responsible for creating “fair and equal laws,” represents the first chapter in America’s long tradition of self-determination and the rule of law. One hundred and fifty-six years later, the founding fathers of our country decided to break away from the rule of England and, based on the Mayflower agreement, create a government whose power would come solely from the will of the governed.”

“This year, as our country continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, we have come together again to overcome the challenges we face,” the President said. – In the face of suffering and loss, we see amazing courage and boundless generosity of the American people who come to the aid of those in need, reflecting the spirit of those early settlers who worked together to meet the needs of their community. Emergency responders, medical professionals, life-saving workers, neighbors, and countless other patriots serve their fellow citizens with sacrifice, and the prayers of our people have re-energized our country, bringing comfort, healing, and strength in times of uncertainty. Despite unprecedented challenges, we have not backed down in the face of adversity. On the contrary, we have used our strengths to make a significant breakthrough that will end this crisis by restoring our inventory, upgrading our manufacturing capabilities, and developing innovative medicines and vaccines to save lives in record time.”

“On this day, we also thank those who cannot be with their families, including the brave American patriots from our armed forces who selflessly defend our sacred freedom at home and abroad. We remember the victims of our law enforcement agencies and rapid response services. We are deeply grateful to all those who provide order and security during the holidays, while we celebrate and thank for the benefits in our lives,” Donald Trump said.

“On this Thanksgiving Day, we once again express our eternal gratitude for all that we have, and honor the legacy of generosity given to us by our ancestors,” the President said. – Although we still face many challenges, we will never give up on our desire to realize the potential inherent in our heritage. When we gather with our loved ones, we celebrate the joys of freedom with unwavering faith and patriotism, and cherish the hope of peace and a bright future.”