The offended father does not want to approach the obstinate younger son and does not leave him a chance to break the truce.

The future king of Britain, Prince Charles, categorically does not want to see the son of Prince Harry: the offended father is increasingly distancing himself from the rebel.

The conflict between the father and the disgraced son dragged on. Prince Charles never forgave Harry after the accusations against him during an interview with Oprah Winfrey and a Hollywood podcast – then the rebel said that his father brought him a lot of “hereditary pain and suffering.”

According to The New York Post, things have now gone too far: Prince Charles has previously refused to meet Harry when he arrives in Britain at the end of the month for the unveiling of the Princess Diana monument.

Charles has already planned a “perfect escape” from the Palace, deciding to sit out in his Balmoral estate.

According to sources, the heir of Elizabeth II was more than enough to attend the funeral of Prince Philip in April, when he tried to avoid meetings with the younger offspring, but in the end, secretly met with him. Now Charles is sure that they have nothing to talk about with each other.