Prince Charles revealed the secret of his longevity

Special spiritual practice helped him to prolong his life, but did not help to give up dreams of the throne.

Prince Charles, 72, is one of the longest-running princes in history, as he has yet to take over as British monarch. However, this does not bother him at all, he is full of strength and has good health.

According to Charles, only yoga helps him to maintain vigor of body and spirit. He has been engaged in this area of ​​physical education for more than half a century, and for him it has become the best medicine to combat stress.

“The nature of yoga is unique. This is a practice available to all, which allows you to easily overcome anxiety, increase the level of immunity of the body and help in healing the soul, “- said Charles at one of the conferences.

With his support, special yoga courses were even opened in the country, which can be attended up to 10 years in a row. Now British doctors can send patients to yoga if they see fit.

Part of the course of yoga treatment will be paid for by the royal family foundation, and for the common person, one lesson will cost only £ 10 per hour. This is a little more than a thousand rubles, if transferred to our money.

“Yoga really helps to strengthen the immune system, as well as improve health, taking a person out of constant stress,” immunologist Jenna Macciochi told the Daily Mail.

“When we are stressed, our immune system gradually weakens due to unstable nervous conditions. The task of yoga is to make the parasympathetic branch of our nervous system work, ”she said.

According to Macciochi, yoga is only a regulator of a person’s condition, which allows him to keep himself in good shape. But for this practice to truly contribute to longevity, you need to accept its philosophy.

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