Prince Charles tried to make Diana look superficial and frivolous

English journalist Elizabeth Holmes spoke about the role fashion played in the life of Princess Diana and how her husband Charles tried to use it against her.

Diana, according to Holmes, always tried to match the moment. She was sure that people choose clothes for a long time to meet royals, go to hairdressers. The least she could do was make the effort to meet too. What can I say, Lady Dee always looked gorgeous.

“What I really understood and appreciated was how she admired fashion and brought emotion into each of her looks. She had these very distinct phases in her clothes, and they coincide with the hectic personal life that she was going through, “– quotes the words of the author of the book

However, Charles did not want to understand this. Also, he did not love Diana, was preparing for a divorce, and therefore sometimes allowed himself strange antics. So, in 1989, the royal couple came to the countries of the Persian Gulf. The emir of one of the countries asked what the monarch plans to do. Diana had planned a trip to a clinic for immigrant women and a visit to an orphanage for children with disabilities. But Charles as if jokingly declared loudly: “Shopping, isn’t it, dear?”

But if the first years of their life together, Diana tried to dress to show Charles her beauty, then, after their divorce, she began to allow herself to wear what she considered beautiful, something that would look spectacular in photographs.

So, for example, at the premiere of the documentary, where Prince Charles admitted that he was unfaithful to Diana, she wore a chic short black dress with bare shoulders. As a result, these photos scattered all over the media, along with reports of the prince’s betrayal. And people then simply did not understand Charles. This outfit is even popularly called the “dress of revenge”.

Just a couple of months before her death, Diana arranged a gorgeous sale of her wardrobe. She auctioned 79 of her dresses, donating the proceeds to charity.

“Diana seemed to lose her skin after the divorce. She wanted to be seen as a workhorse, not a coat hanger, ” says Holmes.

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