Prince Charles will not let the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get the title

The son of the Queen of Great Britain, Prince Charles will not allow his grandson Archie to receive the title of prince, according to the Daily Mail, citing an informed source.

According to the source, the Prince of Wales, after his accession to the throne, plans to limit the number of key members of the royal family, while the son of the Duke of Sussex Harry and Meghan Markle will not be able to receive the title of prince.

“Harry and Megan have notified that Archie will never become a prince, even when Charles became king,” – said the source of the publication.

As the media notes, the reform planned by Prince Charles was not officially announced, it is assumed that after its implementation, only the heirs to the throne and their closest relatives will receive titles, financial support and police protection at the expense of the state.

Earlier it became known that the British Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle became parents for the second time. They had a daughter, who was named Lilibet Diana, in honor of the prince’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II and his late mother, Princess Diana.

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9 thoughts on “Prince Charles will not let the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get the title”

    • He is reducing Financial burden tax payers are paying to ensure every worling royal supports the Sovereignty that the Queen leaves. MM & Harry willingly walked away from the Royal family to be self-supporting in the US.

      They will be US tax payers from now on.
      I am sure we will enjoy their financial contributions.

      Thank you Oprah & Gayle for your efforts toward their financial gains.

    • They are not a royal, they quit and move out ., so why should s taxpayers flop there bills, they should get jobs and support themselves. NOW they are common people. My thoughts exactly. Go and get jobs and support themselves.

    • Charles is acting as a manager of the United Kingdom’ s assets. ‘Bout time those listed members support themselves

  1. Prince Charles should not be allowed to be king. Queen Elizabeth has given her whole life to the UK. Prince Charles has never sacrificed for his country. Prince Charles never lived for Princess Diana, his suffering children, or to help The Queen Mother with her demands. Not King of England material.

  2. Prince Charles it’s an a****** he drove Princess Diana to an early grave hey man that thing he’s mad with you he drove a wedge between his sons those children grandchildren innocent all because he wants a title he can take the title and stick it up his ass sideways may he never become king and hopefully Harry and William will become brothers again and stick it to his father I make Carmella the douche dropped yet

  3. When Harry left the family, BOTH HARRY AND MEGHAN SAID they DID NOT want their children to have a title, they wanted to give them a “normal” life. Prince Charles is only going by what his son wants


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