On July 1, the opening of the memorial in honor of Princess Diana will take place. It was on this day that Lady Di could have turned 60 if she had not died in a car accident. Many of the meetings that the public was counting on will not take place.

Prince Harry will fly from the United States to London to attend the opening, who will meet with his brother, Prince William. At the same time, Prince Charles is not particularly happy to see the Duke of Sussex.

According to a source in the royal family, immediately after the opening of the memorial, Prince Charles will fly to Scotland. He does not plan a personal meeting with his son because of the different schedules of the dukes.

Other insiders report that Charles deliberately adjusted the schedule so as not to see Harry.

“The relationship is still extremely tense. There is not even a question of a personal meeting in a private setting. They will gather in one place just out of respect for Princess Diana,” reports The Sun.