Prince Charles will not meet Harry at the unveiling of the Princess Diana monument

On July 1, the opening of the memorial in honor of Princess Diana will take place. It was on this day that Lady Di could have turned 60 if she had not died in a car accident. Many of the meetings that the public was counting on will not take place.

Prince Harry will fly from the United States to London to attend the opening, who will meet with his brother, Prince William. At the same time, Prince Charles is not particularly happy to see the Duke of Sussex.

According to a source in the royal family, immediately after the opening of the memorial, Prince Charles will fly to Scotland. He does not plan a personal meeting with his son because of the different schedules of the dukes.

Other insiders report that Charles deliberately adjusted the schedule so as not to see Harry.

“The relationship is still extremely tense. There is not even a question of a personal meeting in a private setting. They will gather in one place just out of respect for Princess Diana,” reports The Sun.

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5 thoughts on “Prince Charles will not meet Harry at the unveiling of the Princess Diana monument”

  1. Sorry Bonny Prince Charles was no saint and to reject Harry is rubbish . Megan dislike that is ok with me she is a money hungry person in my eyes and nobody outside the main family should air their dirty laundry .

  2. Can’t blame William or Prince Charles. Everything they “say or don’t say” happens to turn up on the Sunday news with Gayle King. It’s a shame but ….Harry brought this on himself.
    Charles is not running either. If I were angry with one of my children I would avoid them also instead of risking a confrontation that would surely be the next days news.

  3. Charles is obviously treating his sons differently. Before they stepped back it was already made known that Archie would not receive a title or protection. This seemed like a nod to racism as it was a total break with tradition. They were brave enough to call the royal family out for the lack of support with the press harassment and then treating his children differently. I don’t blame them. Charles is an adult and should sit down with his son in private. He appears to be carrying a grudge and he is the one who doesn’t seem to want to reconcile with Harry.

    • Harry & Megan can’t stop talking which keeps grabbing the headlines.Harry obviously learned nothing in his pre-Megan years,& he’s done in the United Kingdom.He’s also pretty much finished with the Royal Family. Megan will lead him thru more hell in the future,& eventually he’ll see it for what it is.She’s nothing but trouble!!

  4. Can’t blame Prince Charles. How much can a man take after his son disrespects his family over and over again. Harry should know better than air their dirty laundry. He could have personally talked to family behind closed doors and not air it on television! You treat your family like trash, they’ll turn away.

    It’s only appropriate that Harry is stripped of his titles. The British people deserves better. Harry turned his back on them.


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