According to Megan, the baby has a very calm character, reports the BBC.

The baby was wrapped in a light blanket. Introducing him to the public, Megan said that his son has a calm temper:

— This is a dream.
Both parents laughed, and Prince Harry explained:
— I don’t know who he got it from.
Megan observed, that the birth of your baby — this miracle.
— I got two of the best guys in the world with me now. I am happy.

Prince Harry and Megan

The boy was born early in the morning on May 6 and became the first child for the couple. The baby is healthy and weighs 3.26 kilograms.

Prince Harry said they were both “absolutely thrilled,” and thanked subscribers for their support during pregnancy. He noted that Megan and the baby were doing “incredibly well.”

With the name of the child, the couple has not yet decided.

Harry and Megan’s son will be seventh in line for the throne. The first in this list — Prince Charles (eldest son of Elizabeth II), followed by Prince William (eldest son of Prince Charles), after — until the little Prince George (eldest son of Prince William).