The Queen’s grandson wants to avenge his humiliation.

For the past two years, the British royal family has been living all the time in anticipation of a new scandal, which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry constantly provoke. And now, the other day, they presented another “surprise”: the queen’s grandson actually decided to sue his “granny.” More precisely, he sued the state committee, which, however, is under the direct control of Elizabeth. After all, the key position in RAVEC (the Committee for the Protection of Members of the Royal Family and Important Public Figures) is occupied by the Queen’s private secretary, Sir Edward Young. And RAVEC, of course, strictly follows all Elizabeth’s instructions. This was reported by the publication

In fact, this whole story — Harry’s battle to ensure that he is guaranteed round—the-clock police protection for the time he is in Britain – began immediately after Harry’s decision to withdraw from the royal family with Meghan and leave Britain. Then the prince submitted a petition to RAVEC, where he was categorically refused. At the same time, Harry was directly told that he had no right to demand police protection for himself and his family just because he was born the grandson of the queen. However, the committee then made a concession, promising that when Harry comes to Britain, the issue of his protection will be “considered every time” as a separate case.

However, this answer did not suit the prince. And now he decided to sue, hoping to achieve what he wanted. In fact, critics of the prince claim that the point here is not at all who exactly will guard Harry. This is a matter of principle, both for him and for the committee. After all, we are actually talking about the fact that, having renounced the royal family, the prince wants to preserve the royal privilege. In 2020, when, as a result of his own decision, Elizabeth deprived her grandson of all military ranks and titles, he experienced a terrible humiliation that he cannot forget. And now, if he manages to defend at least one of the lost privileges, he will feel avenged.

However, those who sympathize with Meghan and Harry see this situation quite differently. They believe that now that Archie and Lilibet, the children of the Prince and Duchess, have grown up a little, parents want them to see their historical homeland more often and more. After all, Harry’s daughter only recently visited Britain for the first time — with her father and mother. And Archie, although he was born in the prince’s homeland, was taken away from there by his parents as an infant.