Prince Harry flew to the USA without waiting for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

Contrary to forecasts, 36-year-old Prince Harry did not linger in his homeland after the funeral of Prince Philip and, without waiting for the birthday of his grandmother Elizabeth II, which she celebrates today (she is 95 years old), nevertheless flew from the UK to the United States by the 39-year-old pregnant wife Meghan Markle and their one-year-old son Archie.

Western media notes that the Duke of Sussex returned to Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. He flew to California on a private jet, and a black Cadillac was waiting for him at the airport, in which he went to his home in Montecito.

Harry was in a hurry home for a reason. Megan is now in the last weeks of pregnancy. He was anxious about her condition – last summer, she had a miscarriage, and now the spouses are extremely sensitive to her well-being. For the same reason, Megan could not keep her husband company on the trip – the doctors advised her not to risk it and stay at home. During the week, the spouses were constantly in touch and called up on FaceTime.

The decision to leave before Harry’s grandmother’s 95th birthday was probably not easy. After his scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey with Megan, the Duke of Sussex’s relationship with members of the royal family was strained. At the funeral, he tried to make peace with his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles, and they even had a two-hour conversation. Whether they were able to resolve the conflict is unknown.

According to an insider for The Mirror, Prince Charles really hoped to talk to his youngest son one-on-one, but they failed to do so. He added that before arriving in the UK, the Duke of Sussex wrote a letter to his father explaining the reasons for leaving the family.

It was a deeply personal message. He wanted to fix everything. But the tension in the relationship is still there, and it has not gone away, as Harry had hoped. There was an unspoken agreement between them to keep everything to themselves and focus on supporting the queen before the funeral of Prince Philip. They understood that this was not the best time to discuss their problems, – he concluded.

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