Prince Harry, 36, has been named CEO of Silicon Valley startup BetterUp. The project cost is estimated at $ 1.73 billion.

BetterUp is an online application used by giant companies like Hilton, Facebook, Google, Snap Inc, NASA, Warner Brothers, Chevron to improve employee mental health. Prince Harry will focus on product strategy and become a coach himself, delivering lectures on overcoming personal crises and maintaining peace of mind. Through the BetterUp app, you can find therapists and business coaches who provide support sessions to their clients via video via the app.

BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaud declined to comment on the Duke of Sussex’s salary. Still, similar positions in other Californian firms are measured in six-figure and even seven-figure monthly payments.

Prince Harry has no experience in managing a team. He is not expected to be involved in management functions but will appear at special company events and hold business meetings in San Francisco.