After the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which Prince Harry raised the inheritance issue, analysts calculated how much money Princess Diana left to her youngest son.

According to Page Six, the initial amount was $ 8.9 million, but the inheritance has grown to $ 13 million in recent years thanks to investments.

“I have money that my mother left me. Without this amount, we would not have dared to take this step, “– this is how Prince Harry spoke about the decision to move to the United States after giving up royal titles and privileges. “It seems that she foresaw everything that happened and was with us during this time,” the prince confessed.

Harry also noted that initially, he had no intention of tying himself to multimillion-dollar contracts with Netflix and Spotify. However, security, rental housing, and the usual lifestyle of the once royals became so expensive that the couple began to look for ways to earn money.

According to the publication Page Six, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have saved a lot on rental housing over the past year. It is reported that at first, the couple lived in a mansion, which was lent to them by an unnamed friend, and then, at the beginning of the pandemic, they moved to Los Angeles, to one of Tyler Perry’s houses. The couple managed to buy a house in Santa Barbara, which cost them $ 14.6 million.