Princess Diana’s personal medium told how Prince Harry survived the death of his mother.

Princess Diana’s personal psychic Sally Morgan admitted that after the death of Prince Charles’ wife, their son Harry was very worried about the loss. He even turned to her to find out the real reasons for Mom’s sudden death.

For the first time, the heir to the throne met with a psychic during a costume party at the palace. Prince Harry accidentally recognized Morgan. According to the medium, he ran up to her with the words “You know my mom.” But the worried boy then did not dare to talk about the exciting.

“He decided to talk about the death of his mother only after 15 years. Harry found my number and called with the question “What do you think about how my mother died?” – Morgan recalls in an interview with the British edition of Mirror.

The psychic advised Harry to talk about the death of his mother with his aunt, Diana Spencer’s older sister because it was to her that the medium was the first to inform about the imminent death of the princess.

Later, Harry turned to the psychic with personal questions. He asked her about his future wife and brother. Morgan predicted a girl with dark hair to the prince. And so it happened. Harry’s wife was the dark-haired actress Meghan Markle.