Prince Harry wants to be kicked out of America

The prince sparked a wave of outrage over claims that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was nonsense.

In an interview with the Armchair Expert podcast, Harry said that he does not fully understand the meaning of the First Amendment, but at the same time believes that it is often used not for good.

“If you want to, even in the First Amendment you can find loopholes and use them for personal gain. The amendment norms can be turned into a means of earning, ”The Sun reports him.

Recall that the First Amendment to the US Constitution is one of the unshakable tenets, it guarantees freedom of speech, religion and press. Such disrespect for the basic law of the country in which Harry and his wife have been living for several months caused a storm in social networks.

This time, the prince got not only from couch analysts, politicians also expressed their bewilderment.

“In his criticism of the First Amendment, Prince Harry confused the banks. He will soon become an unwelcome guest on both sides of the ocean, ”Brexit ideologue Nigel Farage wrote on Twitter. Ordinary Americans also supported him.

“He called the First Amendment to the US Constitution nonsense and booked his way to both Britain and the United States,” the outraged Twitter users write.

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