The news that Prince Harry is going to write an autobiography has made a lot of noise. The public is already looking forward to the appearance of the book on store shelves, and the royal family, according to rumors, is seriously concerned about what the Duke of Sussex can tell readers on the pages of his work. But it seems that not only representatives of the royal dynasty are seriously thinking about reputational losses due to Harry’s talkativeness.

As you know, the youngest son of Prince Charles and Meghan Markle signed a contract for the publication of four volumes of memoirs, for which they will receive a round sum of 29 million pounds.

The fact that one of the books will have to be published only after the death of Queen Elizabeth, according to insiders, made the palace horrified. Although Harry’s lawyers immediately denied the information, calling it “lies and slander.”

In addition to the Windsors, the prince’s former comrades at Eton and the army were alarmed by the upcoming release of the memoirs.

According to the Daily Mail, young people, mainly from privileged families in Britain, are worried that the Sussex revelations may disgrace them in the eyes of the public.

“Welcome to the club,” one might assume the comment of members of the royal family in an imaginary conversation with Harry’s worried fellow students.

Obviously, friends from school and army comrades of the prince do not want him to make public their pranks or describe spree and fun adventures. After all, for all the years, the guys have not uttered a single compromising word about Harry.

“There is a fear that he is going to reveal the details of his hedonistic youth, and some are worried about what chaos this will sow in their career and personal life,” one of the prince’s acquaintances shared with journalists.

Another friend pointedly commented: “Harry’s friends are loyal to him… for now.”

Another source from among the Duke of Sussex’s close acquaintances said that Harry faces trouble if he dares to discredit his comrades.

“If Harry shames any of his school or army friends in his new book, they promised to break the framework and layout the whole truth,” the man told the Daily Mail.

According to him, Harry’s friends are nervous because the letters they send to his address remain unanswered.

Recall that the 36-year-old grandson of the Queen of Great Britain promised to tell in his memoirs everything about his life experience, about adventures, losses, and lessons of fate. Because of the recent scandalous revelations in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, as well as in the documentary “The Me You Don’t See”, the work promises to be fascinating and resonant.