Fans discussed the new hairstyle of the slimmed-down Prince Harry at the Better Up startup summit.

Prince Harry changed his image and excited fans with his appearance. The corresponding video and comments appeared on the BetterUp platform.

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex took part in the virtual summit of the startup BetterUp, which aims to solve mental health problems. The man was performing live from his own home in California. He appeared in the frame in a black cardigan. In his speech, Prince Harry paid attention to issues of mental well-being.

The users of the network drew attention to the new image of the duke. Fans noted that the prince changed his hairstyle and lost weight, and discussed his new image in the comments. “Prince Harry looks amazing! Wow, is California so good for him?”, “Harry looks like a yummy,” “Damn it, his new haircut literally drives me crazy,” “It’s clear that he does sports. The Prince looks damn fit,” “Damn, Prince Harry looks very good!” wrote users.