Prince Philip doesn’t want to celebrate his 100th birthday

Next June, a significant event will take place in the royal family: the wife of Queen Elizabeth will turn one hundred years old! According to a source from Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip himself “does not want a fuss” around his anniversary and refuses to host a big celebration.

“You cannot do something against the will of a person,” British newspaper The Telegraph quotes its insider. “And the only person who’s guaranteed to want nothing to do with it is the duke. He’s retired, he’s retired and doesn’t want a fuss. And you can’t blame him for anything. “

The source added that planning for the holiday was supposed to begin at the beginning of next year, but the palace is preparing for the fact that all ideas will be met with discontent by the future birthday boy. However, one tradition Philip will definitely not be able to avoid: Queen Elizabeth always sends a congratulatory letter to the British celebrating their 100th birthday.

If the pandemic does not slow down by the summer, then the royal clan will gather on the occasion of the significant date for a small family dinner. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to be in London at this time, with the Games of the Undefeated scheduled to kick off at the end of May, which was cancelled this year.

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