Prince William shocked by Prince Harry’s statements

Oprah Winfrey’s final episode of “The Me You Can’t See” mental health show starring Prince Harry has once again set the royals on edge. This time, the prince frankly talked about how difficult it was for him to cope with the depression that his wife, Meghan Markle, fell into, and again “slapped” his relatives.

The Duke of Sussex said that he was ashamed that he could not provide his wife with proper support. Harry did not listen to her words that she was on the verge and ready to commit suicide before the engagement.

“We had to save face for the royal family. At that moment we had a huge responsibility and we could not let anyone down. Therefore, when Megan told me that she could not live like this anymore, I just hugged her and we went to the photographers,” Harry said in an interview.

After the show aired, Harry’s older brother could no longer remain silent. According to New Idea, Prince William was “deeply shocked” that his brother continues to humiliate the royal family in front of the whole world.

“Of course, mental health is a serious problem, but William cannot understand why Harry puts his own family over and over again,” the source claims.

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6 thoughts on “Prince William shocked by Prince Harry’s statements”

  1. If Prince Harry’s wife was going to commit suicide then she should have all she’s doing is making fun of the family ruining them the Royal family she doesn’t care about anybody but herself this is a terrible thing that I am reading and really upsets me makes all Americans look stupid I’m sorry that this woman became part of your family I’m sorry that Harry Prince Harry has not woke up to the schemes and games that she is playing this is something I can’t forgive her for this is a terrible thing if your mother was alive she would have nipped it right in the bud and I’m sorry that the queen was unable to do it somebody has to and if this woman wants to commit suicide then he should let her because she’s not strong enough for him mental illness yes is a sickness but I really believed that this woman is just playing games how to make money so anything she can to make her money she’s got a problem yeah and it’s not mental health I’m almost willing to bet my life on it

  2. Meghan is an idiot! And I’m sorry that Harry ever got involved with her. But since he was that stupid then let him be with her. America stop acting like they are movie stars (she’s not) or royalty ( he’s not anymore). They aren’t worth our time. If she was really mentally ill she would have already done something but no, she just tore him away from everything he’s ever known under the guise of oh poor pitiful me. You are a mean spiteful ugly female Meghan. Harry you have shown you are dumb as a box of rocks.

  3. I agree with the previous comment she has a problem alright and needs serious help and so does Harry i think they should lose all titles she is using Harry to make a laughing stalk of the royal family ad Harry isn’t bright enough to see he is being used justy my opinion.

  4. I believe Megan is doing these things to Harry& I think he is definitely sorry he left his family. When they moved to US she was used to everything but PRINCE HARRY WASN’T. ANOTHER POINT FOR MEGAN?SHE IS PLAYING HIM AGAIN talking about his mum. He has Noone here to talk & Megan has caused so much trouble until he gets blamed everyway. Her – – – -eatin smile o.tells it all .I’m an actress & I’ll show everyone I want to be boss telling NOT taking orders. She needs to go back to Suits

  5. People are so jealous of Meghan. They won’t say any good things about her. It sound like prejudice to me. Father God, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. Allow Meghan to have her baby in peacr Stop hating on her.


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