The spouse is 20 years older than his beloved and, it seems, has ceased to understand her.

In the small principality of Monaco, a real Game of Thrones has recently flared up. 43-year-old Princess Charlene has been living separately from her husband, 63-year-old Prince Albert II for several months.

They have two twin children – 6-year-old Jacques and Gabriella. In addition to them, two of his bastards live with the prince – Jasmine and Eric-Alexander. Charlene left the children with her husband, and she went to improve her health in Africa.

She has been spending several months in her native Rhodesia and is not going to return yet. Rumors have already circulated in the local press that the princess has decided to seize the moment and announce the breakup.

“Charlene has never left her children for so long. Perhaps health problems are just an excuse to make a serious statement for your spouse, “- says an insider for The People.

In addition, doctors have so far forbidden the woman to fly on airplanes due to the fact that complications may arise. The princess heals the ears, the membranes simply cannot withstand ultrasound at high altitudes.

Due to illness, she will miss the 10th anniversary of her own wedding. Although sources claim that now she is worried about completely different issues. Rumor has it that Charlene is looking for a new mansion in South Africa to buy.