Together with the updated interior, Tesla Model S received a steering wheel in the form of a steering wheel, which lost the shift paddles, which caused an “ergonomic shock” for many potential owners. As it turned out, the change in the shape of the steering wheel will not soon be compensated by the introduction of an amplifier with a progressive characteristic. Elon Musk takes several years for this.

As noted by Electrek, Tesla is developing a steering system without a mechanical connection between the steering wheel and wheels. Such systems have not been a novelty in the automotive industry for a long time; as active driver assistance systems become more widespread, they are used more and more often. The start of deliveries of the updated Tesla Model S with a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel allowed the representatives of the original source to find out that these cars still have a fixed steering gain corresponding to a ratio of 14: 1. When it is necessary to actively maneuver at low speeds, a steering wheel in the form of a steering wheel with such a characteristic of the amplifier has recommended yourself from the worst side.

On a slippery road, for example, active steering with such a steering wheel will be difficult, and this will create a dangerous situation. In the case of the Cybertruck pickup, maneuvering with a trailer will also create inconvenience with this steering wheel shape. Elon Musk is not at all embarrassed by this circumstance, he said that he has been using an electric car with a steering wheel for some time, and is very pleased with it. The introduction of a progressive amplifier would require the introduction of a complex gear system or an option without direct mechanical coupling. The creation of such a system is a goal for Tesla for the coming years, as explained by the head of the company. Musk also did not answer the question about the possibility of ordering electric vehicles with the usual round steering wheel as an option.