Protesters smashed the window of a minibus in which the Argentinean President Alberto Fernandez was travelling during a visit to one of the provinces affected by the fires, footage from TN and La Nacion shows.

Fernandez flew by helicopter to the small town of Lago Puelo in the Chubut province, having previously flown around the areas affected by the fire.

The footage shows how Fernandez goes along with the guards and representatives of the delegation to the bus, which is already surrounded by a dense ring of people. He hardly gets into the minibus. The president’s entourage literally pushes and pulls the protesters. The bus is hindered by people who press their bodies against the hood, kick him, hit him on the windows with their hands.

When the car manages to drive away, one of the protesters throws a stone at it and breaks one of the side windows in the minibus’s front. Fernandez sat on the opposite side. A few more stones are flying towards the bus.

Protesters opposed large-scale mining in the Chubut region, a law that could permit it in the local parliament.