The second weekend in a row in France are protests, participants of which call on the President of the country Emmanuel Macron to abandon the increase in the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel or resign.

Despite the undertaken security measures and a police cordon, on the Champs Elysees there were collisions of demonstrators with forces of law and order today.
Last weekend, about 280 thousand people took part in protests across the country. One protester died: she was accidentally run over by a car.

Last Friday, police arrested a man who threatened to set off an explosive device near one of the shopping centers in the city of Angers, if President Macron
does not meet the demands of protesters.

Over the past year, the cost of diesel fuel in France increased by 23% to 1.51 euros per liter. The increase is due, among other things, to the taxes on diesel and gasoline imposed by the Macron government. In early 2019, there will be another increase, which led to the emergence of the movement of “yellow vests” — such vests should have in the car any driver in France.

Macron argues that raising fuel taxes is necessary to stimulate development in clean fuels and renewable energy, as well as reduce the country’s dependence on oil.