The West is considering the request sent by the Ukrainian authorities, the White House press secretary said.

The United States, together with other Western countries, are working on the supply of artillery to Ukraine, and the assistant to the American President for National Security, Jake Sullivan, held a lengthy telephone conversation with officials in Kyiv on the provision of military assistance. This was announced on Tuesday at a briefing for journalists by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

“In an effort to accelerate [military] supplies – as you all know, we have committed to allocate $1.7 billion [for these purposes] – we are also working to transfer to Ukraine the weapons they recently requested in the dialogue between our two countries. And we are working to provide artillery from American warehouses, as well as to facilitate the implementation of such supplies by other allies and partners, as we did in the case of [Slovakia’s shipment of anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine] S-300 and the transfer of Patriot batteries in return to Bratislava on a temporary basis,” said the official representative of the President Joe Biden.

“We are, in fact, considering the request sent by the Ukrainian leaders. They had a telephone conversation with the assistant to the U.S. President for National Security [Sullivan], a two-hour conversation, during which they [Ukrainian officials] listed the names in their list [of requested weapons and military equipment],” Psaki noted.