The Game Aeards announced grand news for all battle royal fans. It became known that the reference representative of this genre, PUBG, will become free in January.

If you join PUBG after upgrading to shareware, start with a basic account. And if you pay $ 12.99 once, then upgrade your account in Battlegrounds Plus and get access to the following:

  • bonus 1,300 G-COIN,
  • experience for survival skill and 100% boost,
  • tab “Career – Medals”,
  • ranked mode,
  • custom matches,
  • in-game items, including the captain’s camouflage set, which includes a hat, camouflage mask, and gloves.

Those who have already bought or want to buy the pay-2-play version of the battle royale will immediately receive an upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus, as well as a set of “Hardened Veteran” skins, a Shackle and Shanks pan, and a “Hardened Veteran” nameplate.