Readers of Le Figaro were outraged by the refusal of US President Joseph Biden to invite Russia to participate in the “Big Seven” (G7).

Earlier, the US leader accused Russia of attacking democracy and President Vladimir Putin – of trying to undermine the US partnership with Europe. Later, the White House said that Biden, unlike his predecessor Donald Trump, would not invite Russia to the G7. At the same time, the press secretary of the American president, Jen Psaki, added that Moscow might be invited to the organization together with the US partners in the G7.

French readers criticized Biden’s one-man decision. So, the user DANIEL LUCZAK saw in the statement of the White House the humiliation of the rest of the G7 participants.

“By what right do only the Americans impose such a decision?” “What is it?” he asked.

“It would be good if Moscow weakened the US European project,” DENIS TAILLANDIER 1 commented on the article.

“The Russophobia of Americans is obsessive and dangerous. They need an enemy to justify the huge budgets of the Pentagon,” archim√®de 33 stated.

The user figoui, in turn, called the main goal of Washington to maintain dominance. In his opinion, Russia and China should act as a counterweight to the United States, while Europe should remain in the United States’ shadow.

“The United States is doing everything to avoid the appearance of competitors in general and, in particular, a Western competitor, which could be Central Europe, organized around the Germany-Russia tandem,” the commentator continued.

In his opinion, the United States will “appease” Germany to push Russia and will not consider the opinion of the rest of Europe.

“I think Putin will survive this… the G7 only matters to those who participate in it. But does it make sense that the Union today?” – asked Reg6994.

He expressed the opinion that the United States, Japan, and Western European countries are connected only by a solution to the Iranian problem.

“From the point of view of environmental actions, how effective can the work of a group that does not include Russia, China, Pakistan, and Brazil be?” – added the user.

The Edmond reader admitted that Biden, due to his age, forgot about Putin’s words that Russia is not interested in participating in the G7 when there is a G20 format.

“So, Mr. Biden, don’t make harsh statements; it doesn’t make you a serious politician,” the user added.