The Queen forbade the heirs to ignore the observance of monarchical protocols.

It became known that the 95-year-old Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II signed a new decree that concerns her great-grandchildren George, Charlotte and Louis – children of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Now the guys will not be able to fly on the same planes with their parents and with each other when they turn 12. This is required by the protocols of the royal family. The first order of the Queen will concern George, who is still only seven.

The fact is that the children of William and Kate are the direct heirs to the throne of the country, which means that from the very birth they could not travel on the same aircraft or ship.

In the event of a tragedy, one of the pretenders to the throne must always survive. Elizabeth II vetoed this rule at the request of William, but it will soon come into effect again.

“Most likely, it is William who will become the new king of England for several decades, which means that it is high time for him to unquestioningly observe the monarchical protocols. Kate should support him in this,” the Daily Star expert said.