American director Quentin Tarantino was not at all flattering about Todd Phillips’ film “Joker”. In a three-hour podcast for Empire magazine, he detailed how the picture attracted him, and what, on the contrary, pushed him away.

So, according to Quentin, the film should be watched exclusively on the big screen. Only then you can fully feel the mood of the tape. Otherwise, it simply will not exist.

“If you saw this movie on the plane, on streaming or on DVD, then you haven’t seen the movie,” the director said.

Tarantino appreciated the live-action murder scene. He is sure that such an intensity of passions, as in this moment, helps the audience get imbued with the plot and feel crazy.

“We discussed the massive undermining of expectations, the reaction of the audience, the causes and consequences of what is happening on the screen, the change in the atmosphere in the hall. However, it is the Joker talk show scene that captures all of these things at a deep level that most viewers cannot understand, ” said the filmmaker.

However, Tarantino quickly pointed out that Phillips’s picture was too similar to Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver.

“Is this a world we live in now? Taking a cool 1970s movie and remaking it like some pop culture artefact? “Taxi driver” – in the form of “Joker”, “Apocalypse Now” – in the form of “To the stars” – Quentin said with displeasure.