Rallies outside the court after the guilty verdict in the Floyd case were peaceful

According to the Star Tribune newspaper, they gathered about a thousand people.

Rallies in support of the guilty verdict of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin in the case of the death of black George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota) gathered about a thousand people and were held in a calm atmosphere. This was reported on Tuesday by the Star Tribune newspaper.

Protesters began to gather at the courthouse in downtown Minneapolis before the verdict was announced, which took place at about 4 pm local time. Their number began to increase after the announcement of the jury’s decision and eventually amounted to about 1 thousand. They then marched through the streets in the city center. Several hundred people also gathered in the so-called George Floyd Square area about four kilometers from the center of Minneapolis, where he was detained by police almost a year ago, shortly after which he died. The protesters chanted the slogans “All three counts (three counts on which the jury found Chauvin guilty)!” and “Guilty, guilty!”

Increased security measures were introduced in the courthouse area, and the US National Guard was on duty in the surrounding streets. However, according to the results of the past mass actions, the police did not report violations of public order and detentions.

On Tuesday, a jury in Minneapolis found Chauvin guilty of second-and third-degree murder, that is, manslaughter, as well as causing Floyd’s death by second-degree negligence. The most serious of these crimes is second-degree murder. The maximum penalty is 40 years in prison.

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