Rally in support of Palestine held in New York

The demonstration gathered about 500 people in Brooklyn.

Several hundred people took to the streets of New York in support of Palestine.

The rally gathered about 500 people in Brooklyn during the day, many of them with flags, banners, and posters calling for “End the Israeli occupation.” The situation in the area of the venue is calm, the police took additional measures to ensure security, but the number of law enforcement officers at the rally is small. Occupying both the sidewalks and the roadway, those gathered at the intersection of 5th Street and Ovington Avenue chant: “Freedom to Palestine.” Some demonstrators climb with Palestinian flags on the roofs of cars. Demonstrations in support of Palestine are taking place in New York City almost daily this week, drawing hundreds of people. Because of the mass marches of demonstrators, the police on Tuesday had to block several streets in Manhattan for some time, after which the protesters completely occupied one of the main squares of the city – Times Square. In New York, since the beginning of the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it is increasingly possible to see drivers with Palestinian flags attached to their cars.

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