Rally of supporters of ex-President Trump in Washington

The security of the Capitol is on high alert, despite the small number of protesters in the center of the American capital.

The police significantly outnumber the number of protesters in the Capitol area in Washington. The rally is held to support those who broke into this building on January 6, who disagree with the defeat of former President Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

On Saturday, September 18, hundreds of security personnel patrol the territory of the Capitol along a fence two and a half meters high. This fence surrounded the Capitol building for about six months after the attack on January 6 and has now been restored again on the eve of the protest.

To prevent violence, one hundred National Guard soldiers were constantly on standby, and security personnel conducted additional checks on passengers arriving at the Washington airport.

On Saturday, a small group of protesters arrived at the Capitol building. Some carried flags of the well-known right-wing group “Three Percenters”: there were much fewer of them than the organizers expected.

“We can’t monitor this,” said Matt Brainard, an organizer of the rally and a supporter of Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that his defeat was the result of election fraud when he (Brainard) was asked to estimate the number of participants.

Although there were few participants, passions sometimes heated up: a skirmish sometimes broke out between the participants of the action and those who disagreed with them. The police, immediately approaching on bicycles, separated the disputants to the sides.

The organizers of the rally Justice for J6 said that they expect the peaceful nature of the street event, but the police chief of the Capitol, Thomas Manger, told reporters on Friday that there is a threat of violence and that the police are taking measures to prevent clashes between supporters of Donald Trump and his opponents.

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