33-year-old American rapper A$AP Rocky was released after being detained at an American airport. This is reported by TMZ.

According to the publication, the performer was released on bail in the amount of 550 thousand dollars. The musician spent about a day at the police station, after which the paparazzi noticed how the police took the musician out of the building and escorted him to a waiting car. Nothing is yet known about the further course of the investigation.

Earlier on Wednesday, April 20, A$AP Rocky was detained at Los Angeles airport right after he and his pregnant lover, singer Rihanna, returned from a vacation in Barbados.

The performer was arrested in the case of the shooting in November 2021. According to the victim, the rapper and two of his friends opened fire on him during an argument, wounding the man in the arm.

It is reported that while A$AP Rocky was at the police station, Rihanna arrived at her lover’s house to pick up her belongings, but law enforcement authorities did not let her inside. The musician’s mansion was searched.

In 2019, A$AP Rocky was detained by the Stockholm police. The rapper and his entourage were accused of attacking two men. A court in Sweden found A$AP Rocky guilty in the beating case and sentenced him to probation, and also ordered him to pay compensation to the victim.