At least 56 Republicans in the US Congress have written to President Joe Biden asking him to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from the fight against the migration crisis at the border, said Republican member of the US House of Representatives Glenn Grothman.

“The Vice President has not yet visited the border. You can’t really know the situation unless you talk to people on the spot. I and 55 of my colleagues sent this letter to the president, demanding her removal from this position,” Grothman wrote on Twitter, attaching the text of the letter.

In the document, the congressmen cited figures that indicate an increase in the influx of migrants at the border and also stated that the problem with migrants exists not only in Central America, people from Russia, Brazil, and other countries allegedly cross the southern border of the United States. Republicans also criticized the vice president’s approach to the crisis.

“At the time of the appointment, you said,’ I can’t think of anyone more suitable for this.’ We disagree. This country cannot allow inaction on the part of Vice President Harris. Although you have publicly defended the Vice president, even you should be unhappy with her inaction. We’ve all made mistakes when hiring and understand when a task should be handed over to someone else. We sincerely urge you to find someone else in your administration to help with the border crisis,” the letter to Biden reads.

Biden announced the assignment of Kamala Harris to negotiate with Mexico and other countries on migration to the United States on March 24. Biden began his work as president of the United States with the fact that he began to roll back the initiatives and restrictions on immigration imposed by his predecessor, Donald Trump. In anticipation of relief, thousands of migrants headed to the United States, the authorities recognized the situation on the southern border as a crisis.