Research: coronavirus can lead to brain complications

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have suggested that coronavirus damages the human brain. This can lead to a stroke or other health problems.

Researchers have discovered that coronavirus may be associated with further brain complications. In turn, this can lead to health problems – strokes and psychological problems.

The sample of patients on the basis of studies of which made these conclusions is still small, therefore, it cannot give a clear overall picture of the frequency of such complications. However, experts argue that the results of the study emphasize the need to study the possible effects of coronavirus on the brain.

“There is a growing number of reports of a link between infection and possible complications. But so far, we have generally confined ourselves to examining less than ten patients”, said Michael Benedict Michael of the University of Liverpool. “Our work is the first national study of cases where patients require hospitalization”.

Scientists noted that the results of the study are an important section of potential complications. These assumptions should be treated with caution because so far there is too little data.

Of the 125 cases that scientists described, the most common brain complication resulted in a stroke (77 patients). In 57 patients, a stroke caused a blood clot in the brain; in 9 patients, a stroke caused a hemorrhage in the brain. Researchers previously found that coronavirus can cause severe inflammation and clots in the lungs and other parts of the body.

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