On Tuesday, scientists presented the results of a new study. According to the data, limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels will not stop sea-level rise.

Researchers warn that even if humanity “does the impossible” and stops global warming, sea levels will rise for several centuries. Will flood many cities, which are now home to more than half a billion people.

The worst of all in this scenario will be the peoples of Asia. This region accounts for nine out of ten metropolitan areas that may be flooded. In addition, the area, home to more than half of the population of Bangladesh and Vietnam, lies below the long-term tide line. This means that these lands will be submerged even if the global temperature does not rise above 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Built-up areas in China, India and Indonesia are also under threat.

Most projections of sea level rise and associated threats to coastal cities are made before the end of the century. But the oceans will continue to grow for hundreds of years after 2100, new research has shown, no matter how aggressively greenhouse gas emissions are cut. This will be due to the melting of ice sheets, the heat trapped in the ocean, and the dynamics of warming of the water.