Research: the swamps of the Mississippi Delta will go under water in the coming years. Due to global warming!

The current rate of global warming and rising sea levels will make the swamps of the Mississippi Delta simply go underwater. This conclusion was made by scientists from their University of Tulane, their work is published on the website Science Advances.

Over the past hundred years, the swamps of the Mississippi Delta have already lost 5 thousand square kilometers in Louisiana due to a gradual increase in sea level. However, scientists could not predict the fate of the remaining 15 thousand square kilometers of marshland.

The study used hundreds of core samples collected since the early 1990s to study how swamps responded to different sea-level rise rates over the past 8.5 thousand years.

Previous studies have shown that swamps can rise along with sea level by an average of 10 mm per year, however, if the pace will increase, the wetlands will simply go underwater. In addition, data were collected over the past 30 years, which is not enough for such processes.

If the sea level rise rate is 3 mm per year higher than the swamp level rise rate, then the Mississippi delta will sink in a few hundred years, and if it is 7.5 mm per year, then in 50 years.

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