Researchers have studied the Brazilian shark cookiecutter shark

A new study has shown that the Brazilian glow shark, also known as the cookiecutter shark, attacks animals of all sizes. Even those that are many times larger than her.

These individuals are known for plucking small pieces of flesh from sharks and whales, which are much larger than themselves. New research has shown that they are in fact terrorizing animals of all sizes.

Alien-like green-eyed sharks grow to a maximum of 50 centimeters in length. These strange creatures use pointed teeth to feed on great white sharks that are 10 times their size. They are also known to bite off pieces of human flesh. For their behavior, they have received the nickname of the main “badass of the ocean.”

Scientists often observed the marks of these sharks on larger animals and therefore assumed that they only feed on relatives that are larger than them. New research has shown that they also eat animals at the bottom of the food chain. Scientists point out that it gives them a unique role in the ocean ecosystem.

“They feed on everything from the largest and toughest apex predators such as white sharks and killer whales to any small organisms you can imagine. – said Aaron Carlisle, lead author of the study and assistant professor at the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Delaware. This is stated in the statement “There are not many animals that do something like this.”

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