With the start of the new generation, resellers have also become more active, sweeping the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S\X from the shelves and selling them at exorbitant prices. The enterprising merchants have already raised over $50 million, according to a new report.

Data Engineer Michael Driscoll has been monitoring the situation since November 2020. Using a script, it scans the marketplaces for next-generation consoles and collects statistics. According to him, in a couple of months last year, resellers earned a total of $28 million and doubled their revenues in 2021.

More than 157,000 PlayStation 5s have already been sold on eBay and StockX, according to a new study. The average price of the diskless version is $799, while the standard PS5 is sold for $849. In addition, the analyst noticed a 50% increase in prices for the PlayStation 4 since the start of sales of new generation consoles.

As a result, resellers sold PS5 consoles for $143 million on eBay and StockX. Net income was $43.2 million for the merchants themselves, as well as $15.9 for the platforms. Statistically, 7.06% of PS5s in the US are sold via eBay or StockX.

The Xbox Series X|S has more modest numbers. A total of 113,220 consoles were sold on eBay and StockX, and resellers’ profits were $14.57 million.