A group of armed attackers attacked an armored car at the airport of the capital of Chile, Santiago, and stole about $15 million. This is one of the largest such crimes in the history of the country, local journalists have already called it “the robbery of the century.”

According to Chilean police, “seven to ten” suspects entered the terminal in two cars, and then attacked an armored car with a currency that had just been delivered to the country on one of the planes. According to the EFE Agency, the robbers used the company’s car to deliver goods.

“They threatened the guards with weapons and then fled with the money, “police spokesman Oscar Figueroa was quoted as saying. According to the police, the attackers stole 14 million dollars and 1 million euros. Two guards were injured in the incident.

According to the Guardian, Chilean police believe that the robbers knew in advance about the planned delivery of money.

This is the second robbery at Santiago airport in recent years. In 2014, a group of armed attackers stole about $ 10 million from a van located there. As the Guardian notes, after that, the head of the airport security service was dismissed.

According to “France press,” in 2017, another gang of robbers stole $ 19 million from the office of a transport company near Santiago.